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DREAM: Sleep aid with natural repair (14 tablets - 10mg CBD)

DREAM is the key to unlock revitalizing sleep.  We all know that a good night's sleep is important to being fresh, sharp, energized, and most importantly, happy.  With all the factors and events throughout the day, soreness and pain, stress and inner-monologue, good sleep is not a given... until you use DREAM.  Sleep well and find your next adventure!


FOCUS: Drive + Relief = Max Performance (20 Tablets - 5mg CBD)

Focus and drive are the foundation for athletic performance, work performance, social performance.  Mental and physical distractions can erode your drive.  Take back control with FOCUS and tackle that day's adventure.  FOCUS is a stimulant free daytime product to help you get the maximum out of anything you do, from hiking in the woods to pushing through the last set of pull-ups to tackling the sale presentation to chauffeuring the kids... Adventures are everywhere!