Corona & CBD - How it can help.

Corona & CBD - How it can help.


The coronavirus has a vast majority of the population staying inside to slow the spread of the disease. Some, but not all, are swiftly embracing the couch potato life—the stereotypical stoner MO. Others are just trying to navigate the stress of mass hysteria—looking for ways to keep themselves level-headed. That said, it may be beneficial to look at cannabis as a helpful option.

A 2014 research study found that cannabis helped to relieve pain, stress, and treat insomnia (stats included in the study). That’s just one of many. If you’re reading this article, you’ve most likely considered resorting to cannabis or CBD in times of physical and emotional hardship before—the kids have been talking about it for years.

Unfortunately, 2020 has lost its mind. Dispensaries are closing down while others are suspending sales to everyone but medicinal customers (most places in Illinois for example). So, as you sit self-quarantined, awaiting the slowly brewing storm that is this virus (that’s a 300 reference for those who are still fans of Gerald Butler...), maybe this is the perfect time to consider the cannabis and CBD industry. That sector’s singular goal is to naturally relieve your apocalyptic thoughts.

But there is a catch, and that is eat it, don't smoke too much of it…for now. Our lungs do not need the extra weight; as the Corona is a respiratory illness, DUH.


Regardless of how you decide to spend an indefinite number of days cooped up...what a perfect time to give in to this impulse?! Cannabis and CBD were made for pandemics. They make everything more fun and exciting while you spend time with your loved ones. In this particular situation, those who are most at risk will benefit even more than that lazy couch potato.

Stigmas aside, not all stoners are lazy and unmotivated. They’re not isolated couch potatoes who can’t stop laughing at Cheech and Chong. Some strains of cannabis simply help you relax and that’s all anyone wants right now. However, if you want some help assimilating with the stereotypical stoner MO, staying in, eating good food, and chilling, it can do that too.

We beat COVID-19 by coming together, maybe not physically but mentally. To quote Bob Marley, “let’s get together [six feet apart] and feel alright.”

Be safe, Stay clean, Live on.